NBA Legend Isiah Thomas Has A Bone To Pick With New Golden State Warrior Chris Paul

Things got extremely awkward on “Sway’s Universe” when NBA legend Isiah Thomas was asked if he had something to do with Chris Paul being traded to the Golden State Warriors.

Sway Calloway, who is a self-proclaimed Golden State Warriors fanatic, asked Isiah:

…Now we just received Chris Paul as a gift to the Golden State Warriors…

Chris Paul eluded that you had something to do with that, ah, him going to the Warriors.

Is that true?

Isiah Thomas responded:

Imma speak to Chris when I see him.

That’s all imma… because I, you know…

What he dropped, you know, nationally… That was just some… that that, you know…

I’ll speak to him when I see him.

Sway, being a true professional, took the hint and moved on with the interview.

Judging by Isiah’s body language and the words he used in his response, he and Chris Paul are about to have a serious conversation.

Given the context clues, Chris Paul exposed some information that Isiah felt he should’ve kept to himself.

Watch the video clip of the Isiah Thomas interview from “Sway’s Universe” below:

Rumor has it that Isiah Thomas had some influence on the owner of the Phoenix Suns, Mat Ishbia’s, decision to trade Chris Paul.

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