Rick Ross Gets Clowned On Instagram For His ‘Double Decker Slapper’ Dive

Rick Ross had a pool party at his Promise Land mansion, and as he was entertaining the crowd on his diving board, his knees buckled, causing him to fall into the water.

Rozay posted the video to his Instagram page along with the caption:

Don’t try my ‘DOUBLE DECKER SLAPPER’ dive at home!

In the video, you see multiple people with their phones out as Rick Ross prepares to dive off the diving board.

The DJ asks Ross if he needs a countdown, which he waves off. 

Ross then steps back on the diving board and starts warming his arms and shoulders up as he prepares for his dive.

He takes two steps forward and takes his first jump on the diving board.

The jump looks perfect while he’s in the air, but when he comes down on the diving board for a second jump, his knees appear to buckle when his feet land on the diving board, and It becomes a man-down situation as he falls into the water.

The crowd oohs and laughs after witnessing Ross fall off the diving board.

Watch Rick Ross’ original IG post below:

It was smart of Ross to post the video quickly to Instagram with a clever caption to try to get ahead of all the people who had their phones out, but that didn’t stop people from clowning him in the comments.

Scoop some comments below:

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Rick Ross took to his Instagram Story to share that he is not okay after his knee “caught a flat” while trying to do his “Double Decker Slapper.”

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