Naomi Osaka Faces Jennifer Brady Tonight In The Semifinals Of The US Open

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Naomi Osaka has been whooping *** and taking names in the 2020 US Open, and tonight she needs our support against Jennifer Brady.

Osaka is currently ranked #4 in the world and her competitor is ranked 26th.

Given the rankings, it should be an easy win for Osaka, but you cannot judge a player on rating alone.

Jennifer Brady didn’t make it to the Semifinals because she’s aight!

She defeated some very good tennis players to make it to the semi’s.

With that being said I’m expecting Osaka to mollywhop Jennifer.

Osaka beat Serena in the 2018 US Open and she won the Australian Open in 2019.

She’s only getting better, and I’m sure she’s going to put on a show tonight.

Osaka has been using her platform to bring awareness to systemic racism and social injustice by wearing her masks with the names of victims who have been killed by police or suffered acts of extreme racism.

Trayvon’s mother and Ahmaud’s father recently thanked Osaka for wearing her masks with their son’s name on them.

See tweet below:

If Osaka wins tonight it will be a rematch of the 2018 US Open, and she will face Serena Williams in the Final Round.

The world would love to see that rematch.

Osaka’s match airs at 7:00pm (Est.) on ESPN, if you’re a tennis fan please support our girl.

Will you support Naomi Osaka tonight?

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