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Tonight the 2020 NFL Season kicks off with the Kansas City Chiefs & the Houston Texans, do you have high expectations for your team this season?

As an Atlanta Falcons fan, my emotions are constantly being hi-jacked, but I say every year that we are going to win the Super Bowl.

I believe you have to put it out in the atmosphere to make it real.

In 2017 my Falcons did make it to the Super Bowl and made history for allowing the biggest comeback from an opposing team in Super Bowl history.

It’s like a wound that never heals.

My AFC team is the Houston Texans who happen to be opening up the season tonight.

I still can’t believe we got rid of D. Hop.

I became a fan of Deshaun Watson his last year at Clemson when I watched him take a physical beating from the Alabama defense and still led his team to an NCAA Championship (2017).

I knew from that game that he possessed the skill set to be special in the NFL.

Tonight I’m riding with my Texans against the defending Champion Chiefs.

I’m excited about my Falcons adding Todd Gurley to the line-up even though most people think he’s washed up due to injury.

I’ve heard some good things coming out of training camp about him.

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I’m always excited about Julio Jones, the best receiver in the NFL, I just hope he’s used in more red zone packages.

For those of you who don’t think Julio is the best receiver in the NFL, respect the jet!

What are your predictions for your team this year?