Mychelle Johnson, Ex-Girlfriend Of NBA Player Miles Bridges, Attempts To Break Into His Home With Water Hose Nozzle

A video has emerged of Charlotte Hornets free agent Miles Bridges’ ex-girlfriend, Mychelle Johnson, attempting to break into his home with a water hose nozzle with their kids present.

Miles and Mychelle have had a tumultuous year. He was accused of assaulting Mychelle in front of their two children in June.

Miles pleaded no contest to one felony domestic violence charge of injuring a child’s parent, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office revealed on Thursday (November 10).

He accepted a plea deal that requires him to undergo three years of probation with no jail time.

According to the District Attorney’s office, in addition to his probation Miles will have to undergo the following:

  • Domestic violence counseling.
  • Parenting classes.
  • 100 hours of community service
  • A 10-year restraining order for the domestic violence victim.
  • Weekly drug tests.
  • Restitution for the victim, to be determined in January 2023.

The incident of Mychelle showing up to Miles’ residence with their two children and using a water hose nozzle to try to break in came up in court this week.

On October 12, Mychelle Johnson allegedly brought over their two children to try to get into Miles’ Los Angeles rental home to try to speak to him.

According to Miles, he wasn’t allowed to speak to her due to a court order from the domestic violence case she had against him.

Miles said Mychelle showed up unannounced through a side gate in his backyard, and he immediately went inside.

He said she “kept yelling outside the door demanding me to open it while the kids were calling out to me to let them in.”

In the video, it appears their daughter handed Mychelle the water hose nozzle she used to repeatedly hit the door with while Miles was on the other side of the door holding it close.

Watch the video footage below:

According to court documents, Mychelle eventually gave up on trying to get inside the home, stole his dog, and left with the kids.

Miles was granted a temporary restraining order against Mychelle on Wednesday (November 9).

A hearing on the incident has been scheduled for November 30.

Miles said in court documents that Mychelle harassed him and caused emotional distress on two other occasions, one on October 31 and the other on November 5.

The sad thing is the kids are witnessing all this craziness between their parents.

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Sources: The NY Times and TMZ

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