Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish took to the streets of Instagram to get a few things off of her chest.

The actress and comedian’s career suffered a major blow after she was sued for sex abuse.

Tiffany and Aries Spears were accused of grooming and molesting siblings when they were minors.

The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday (August 30) by siblings identified only as Jane Doe, now 22, and John Doe, who was born in 2007. 

Initially, Tiffany’s attorney called the lawsuit a shakedown, but after a “Funny or Die” skit, featuring one of the alleged victims, began circulating online, the tide quickly turned.

The Girls Trip star publicly expressed regret for participating in the skit with Aries Spears.

Tiffany Haddish ultimately settled the lawsuit, but she said “she lost everything.”

“Oh, I lost everything. All my gigs, gone. Everything, gone. I don’t know, bro. I don’t have no job. I don’t have no job, bro.”

In spite of losing everything, Tiffany said she is “relieved” that the case is over. 

“I was really concerned about the kids and making sure they were okay,” she added.

In multiple posts on her Instagram page, Tiffany shared two beautiful photos of herself and in one caption, she noted that she sees the negative comments and prays for her haters to be happy.

How I be looking at y’all comments. I pray for all of y’all to be happy?? especially the haters and the ones that think they know what they are talking about. #Iseeyou #shestillready #someofyallareconfused

In the second post, Tiffany Haddish thanked God for showing her who people really are.

She also noted that she can’t have “users and fleas” on her while she is “completing the assignment” that God gave her and knows he’s going to do big things in her life.

This is me happy to see how my God works. Some people said things to me, and God went ahead and showed me who they really are.

Thank you for that God.

I know you got big things for me to do and I can’t have user and fleas on me while I am completing my assignment you gave to me.

I Love you Father God.

Oh could you make sure that anyone who post something negative on my page gets crazy Diarrhea to where their booty hole hurts.

I Love you Amen ??

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