Miles Bridges, Charlotte Hornets Forward, Violates Protection Order By Allegedly Throwing Pool Balls At Car With Kids Inside

Charlotte Hornets forward Miles Bridges has already fumbled a $100 million bag in the NBA, and due to his recent alleged actions, he’s putting the $7.9 million he’s projected to make this season in jeopardy.

Miles Bridges is currently serving three years of probation after pleading no contest to one felony count of injuring a child’s parent in November.

He was facing three felony charges, the one he pleaded no contest to, and two other charges of child abuse under circumstances or conditions likely to cause great bodily injury or death.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, the charges were brought against Bridges for accusations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend in front of their two children in June 2022.

During the time of the alleged assault, Miles Bridges was an NBA free agent, and he was projected to receive a contract worth over $100 million, but due to the allegations, he sat out the whole 2022-23 NBA season, a total of 82 games.

Bridges was suspended by the NBA for 30 games this season, but they decided to reduce it to 10 games since he sat out all of last season. He is not allowed to play in any preseason games.

In July, Bridges apologized for the “pain and embarrassment” he brought to the city and the team from his domestic violence investigation.

Bridges agreed to a one-year $7.9 million contract with the Charlotte Hornets this year, and he vowed to rebuild relationships with his teammates and become more active in the Charlotte community.

According to a criminal summons, Bridges’ ex-girlfriend said on October 6, she was at his house in Charlotte for a custody exchange, and he threw pool table balls at her car while their children were in the car, smashing the car window, and putting dents on the car.

She said he also threatened that if she told the police, he would “take everything from her and withhold child support.”

The summons states that Bridges let his current girlfriend yell, scream, and kick the victim’s car while the kids were inside.

The pending charges connected to the case are all misdemeanors, including violating a protective order, child abuse, and injury to personal property.

According to the Charlotte Mecklenburg  County Sheriff’s Office, in addition to the criminal summons for his most recent actions, Miles Bridges also has a warrant for violating a domestic violation protective order issued in January but has not yet been served.

The criminal summons for his recent actions was issued on Wednesday (October 11).

Watch the “Queen City News” report on MIles Bridges criminal summons below.

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Source: Charlotte Spectrum News 1

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