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My Name is Mo’Nique,” the long-awaited Netflix stand-up special from comedian and Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique, premiered on April 4 and it’s got folks talking.

The special was filmed at the Rialto Center for the Arts in Atlanta on October 29, 2022.

Mo’Nique was overwhelmed with emotion when the special began because she fought hard for it!

In 2019, she filed a lawsuit against the streamer accusing them of discrimination and retaliation when their first attempt at negotiations for a comedy special went terribly sour.

The Oscar-winning actress was insulted when the streamer only offered her $500,000 for a one-hour show that Netflix would have complete control over, including owning the copyright and retaining all audio-only rights.

That was on the heels of the ginormous deals Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock secured for their comedy specials (reportedly $20 million per special).

Amy Schumer reportedly received $11 million for her stand-up special.

In June 2022, Mo’Nique and Netflix settled the lawsuit and she got the stand-up special she wanted.

My Name Is Mo’Nique

The emotional one-hour special felt like a stand-up memoir as Mo’Nique focused on sharing her personal story and truths versus hot topics and current events.

Mo laughed as she talked about being in special education classes from 7th to 9th grade and she cried as she recalled the way her grandmother treated her aunt because she was a lesbian.

The biggest moment of “My Name Is Mo’Nique” was when the comedian shared a personal secret she has been carrying her entire life: her desire to be with another woman sexually.

Mo’Nique shed tears as she recalled sharing her secret with her husband, Sidney Hicks, and laughed while sharing his reaction.

Twitter Reactions

Viewers of “My Name Is Mo’Nique” have taken to social media to share their reactions and it’s been a mixed bag.

While folks loved stand-up special there were a few who couldn’t smell what Mo was cooking.

One person tweeted:

I laughed, I had moments of reflections, I had moments of relatability, my left eye got a little watery but I caught that tear before it could escape all the way 😅
All in all— Im so damn proud of @moworldwide❣️This was spectacular ❣️ Thank you @netflix #MyNameIsMonique

Another person wrote:

Might catch some heat but… Ngl My name is Mo’nique is trash… I’m not a conservator by any means….

But literally, every other word is an expletive.

And just bc you were enrolled in “special Ed” doesn’t mean you get to demean others…. So trash. #monique #mynameismonique

Read more Twitter reactions below.

My Name Is Mo’Nique” is now streaming on Netflix.

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