Ms. Pat talks being fired from V-103 and Big Tigger on 'The Breakfast Club' (Instagram)

Comedian and actress Ms. Pat visited “The Breakfast Club” and opened up about being fired from V-103 and she didn’t mince words about her former colleague, Big Tigger.

Ms. Pat co-hosted “The Big Tigger Morning Show,” alongside Tigger and new “Real Housewives of Atlanta” peach-holder Shamea Morton.

(L to R: Shamea Morton, Big Tigger, Ms. Pat)

While she does take accountability for being absent from the morning show a lot due to her hectic schedule, Ms. Pat also claimed Big Tigger was a “hater.” 

The comedian explained that she was planning to leave the morning show in August and she was expecting them to renew Shamea’s contract. 

However, she abruptly got “Quired” (fired before she was able to quit). 

“But, that’s what happens when you work with a hater,” she added.

When asked who she was talking about, Ms. Pat said, “You know who the hater is…Tigger.” 

He is the biggest damn hater. I mean…you had a good show and you messed it up because of your ego. 

Ms. Pat also noted jealously was also a factor in her working relationship with the former “Rap City” host. 

Watch below as she gives the full scoop on being fired from V-103 and Big Tigger.

I tried to listen to their morning show a couple of times and didn’t last 10 minutes. Respectfully

But, that’s just me!

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