Method Man and his wife Tamika Smith via TikTok

Clifford “Method Man” Smith and his wife, Tamika Smith, turned up the PDA while out having dinner together. 

Tamika, who is typically out of the public eye, recently joined TikTok and shared a little peek into her fine dining with one of the finest men in hip-hop.

Tamika Smith appropriately chose Lady Harmony’s “When People Don’t Know Your Business (Interlude)” as the audio for her post. 

When people don’t know your business they tend to look for s—!

But, when they can’t find nothing…they tend to create s—!

Cause when you look good and people speak highly of you…their insecurities make them feel like they ain’t s—!

So, they talk s— to make it seem like they are the s—!

Watch the video below. 


Carry on !

♬ When People Don't Know Your Business (Interlude) – Lady Harmony

Method Man and Tamika Smith have been married for over 22 years in an industry where we’ve seen relationships dissolve faster than a Listerine strip.

I’m here for all of this Black Love. 🖤

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