Basketball Wives Brittish Williams admits to fraud
Brittish Williams via Instagram

Now, Brittish Williams don’t believe lard is greasy (as my Grandmother would say). The former “Basketball Wives” star failed to check into prison on time after she was given an extension to spend the holidays with her daughter. 

According to, the reality star was scheduled to turn herself in on January 3, 2024, to begin her four-year prison sentence for 15 fraud-related felonies. 

But, hours before her scheduled surrender, she made a last-minute plea for the court to reduce her sentence to 2.6 years. 

Brittish Williams argued that the court failed to properly calculate her sentence because she’s a celebrity

After failing to check in on January 3, 2024, Brittish asked the court to extend her surrender date AGAIN while a decision was made on her motion to reduce her sentence. 

She argued that the postponement would “eliminate the need” for her to be transported back and forth between the prison in West Virginia and the court in Missouri.

Prosecutors clapped back by pointing out Brittish Williams’ obvious defiance saying that “even if Williams did qualify for a potential reduction, the Government would oppose relief because she failed to report to the Bureau of Prisons as directed and she already received a more than generous disposition by way of the dismissal of counts carrying six years of consecutive mandatory minimums at the time of the original sentencing.”

On January 12, Brittish was arrested, but the details are unclear at this time.

Her attorneys filed a motion to continue a bond revocation hearing on January 16. 

A judge has yet to rule on the motion. 

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