5 months ago comedy writer and director Monte Bell released his hilarious coronavirus parody video ‘Contagious’.

I know I may be a little behind the curve on this one, but my friend just sent me the video today.

I’m sure there are many people, like myself, who has never seen the video.

The video is a parody of the Isley Brothers ‘Contagious’ video, and Monte and Alita did an amazing job.

Enjoy the video below:

Is it me or does Monte Bell resemble Carl Thomas?

After watching Monte’s video it brought back memories of the original Isley Brothers video from 2009 BC (Before Corona).

Take a look at the Isley Brothers original ‘Contagious’ video below:

As you can see Monte is very talented, and I encourage you to support his other parody videos on YouTube.

Monte was born in Queens New York, and he caught the acting bug as a child after playing an extra in Spike Lee’s He Got Game (1996).

21 years later, Monte created a sketch comedy web series called Barely Functional (2017).

Are you scooping or scrapping Monte Bell’s ‘Contagious’ video?