It was Easter Sunday, we had our drinks and were ready to watch an epic battle between arguably two of the greatest groups our parents ever introduced us to – Earth, Wind, & Fire and the Isley Brothers.

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We were having a good time, and then, y’all’s cousin showed up. You know who I’m talking about. 

Tyrese, y’all, Tyrese. 

Tyrese is why we as a community can’t have nice things.

We were gathered together to enjoy this as a family and Tyrese came through with yet another head-scratching comment. 

It was almost a year ago that he embarrassed us during the Babyface/Teddy Riley Verzuz telling Teddy to “throw in the tile”.

Yesterday; the day of the Lord’s resurrection, this man struck again. In what I assume was an attempt to pay a compliment to the music, your boy commented: 

Hate that my mother used to drink everyday – but SHE’s the reason I know REAL MUSIC!

See his comment below:

Who keeps supplying Tyrese with Wi-Fi/5G? I’d like to speak to your manager.

If “I never know what to say” was a person…

Not only does your cousin not have a full understanding of the English language, apparently, he also doesn’t know how to read the room either.

Please tell Tyrese that all other #Verzuz battles have been canceled. 


  1. He’s speaking his truth his memories that introduced him to this soulful music that ended up saving his life but that the problem with ppl that haven’t tap into his pain or his joy but he has thank god she did you would have every made sweet lady lol

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