It was Easter Sunday, we had our drinks and were ready to watch an epic battle between arguably two of the greatest groups our parents ever introduced us to – Earth, Wind, & Fire and the Isley Brothers.

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We were having a good time, and then, y’all’s cousin showed up. You know who I’m talking about. 

Tyrese, y’all, Tyrese. 

Tyrese is why we as a community can’t have nice things.

We were gathered together to enjoy this as a family and Tyrese came through with yet another head-scratching comment. 

It was almost a year ago that he embarrassed us during the Babyface/Teddy Riley Verzuz telling Teddy to “throw in the tile”.

Yesterday; the day of the Lord’s resurrection, this man struck again. In what I assume was an attempt to pay a compliment to the music, your boy commented: 

Hate that my mother used to drink everyday – but SHE’s the reason I know REAL MUSIC!

See his comment below:

Who keeps supplying Tyrese with Wi-Fi/5G? I’d like to speak to your manager.

If “I never know what to say” was a person…

Not only does your cousin not have a full understanding of the English language, apparently, he also doesn’t know how to read the room either.

Please tell Tyrese that all other #Verzuz battles have been canceled.