Stephen A. Smith via Twitter, Jason Whitlock via YouTube

Stephen A. Smith took to the streets of Twitter to ring the alarm, issue a warning, and an advisory because he plans to drag Jason Whitlock to hell on an upcoming episode of his podcast. 

Jason reignited his longstanding beef with Stephen A. and poured kerosene on it by taking aim his latest memoir, Straight Shooter: A Memoir of Second Changes and First Takes

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Whitlock wrote a column titled, “Does Katt Williams’ interview expose Stephen A. Smith as a fraud?” 

Jason wrote, “Smith’s 2023 memoir raises far more questions than answers about how he became the top personality in sports media. He feels like a gimmick, a plant.

He also questioned the validity of Stephen A. Smith’s claims that he was recruited by Winston-Salem State to play basketball despite only playing one year in high school. 

Stephen A. has reached the point of no return when it comes to Jason Whitlock.

He posted a clip on social media saying: 

I’ve had enough of that fat bastard. That piece of s—.

And I want to make sure that before I go to break, I want anyone out there who watches me, anywho out there who knows me, anyone out there, no matter what you think of me, I want you to remember I never talk about him.

I never talk about my colleagues, I don’t do that. This is a first.

Stephen A. Smith added, “Everybody that I could reach out to in time has been warned. It’s time for me to address this, I’m only going to do it once because this b***ard is worth less than a damn cockroach. He wanted my attention, he’s got it.

This forthcoming tongue-lashing is expected to be so bad that Stephen A. said he called his pastor and asked for forgiveness in advance. 

Watch the tough talk teaser below. 

Jason Whitlock, being the troll that he is, only fanned the flames by replying, “Can’t wait.”

He poked the bear again tweeting, “It’s a book review, Stephen, You wrote a book and I reviewed it.” 

Social media is anticipating the imminent shenanigans.

Do you plan to tune in and see what Stephen A. Smith has to say?

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