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Tyler Perry Signs Multi-Year First-Look Series Deal With Netflix

Tyler Perry and Netflix have extended their creative partnership with a multi-year first-look series deal on top of the multi-year first-look film deal he entered in 2023.

Under the new series pact, the entertainment mogul will offer “Beauty In Black,” a 16-episode hour-long drama. 

Tyler Perry’s ‘Beauty In Black’ 

The series follows two women living very different lives: Kimmie struggles to make a living after her mother kicks her out, while Mallory finds success running her own business — eventually, they find themselves entangled in each other’s lives.

A release date for “Beauty In Black” has yet to be announced. 

‘Mea Culpa’

(L-R) Kelly Rowland as Mea and Trevante Rhodes as Zyair in Tyler Perry’s ‘Mea Culpa’ (Credit: Bob Mahoney / Perry Well Films 2 / Courtesy Netflix)

In the meantime, Tyler Perry’s forthcoming thriller, Mea Culpa, starring Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes, will be released on February 23. 

The film follows criminal defense attorney Mea Harper (Rowland) who takes on the murder case of artist Zyair Malloy (Rhodes), but the truth isn’t as obvious as it seems. 

While she tries to determine the innocence or guilt of her cagy-yet-seductive client, it is uncovered that everyone is guilty of something. 

Mea Culpa explores what happens when burning desire takes hold and things get hot… and dangerous.

‘Six Triple Eight’

Tyler Perry and cast of ‘Six Triple Eight’ (Credit: Laura Radford/Perry Well Films 2/Netflix)

And later this year, Tyler’s highly anticipated film, Six Triple Eight, starring Kerry Washington, will arrive on Netflix. 

The film tells the story of World War II’s only Women’s Army Corps unit of color. 

The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion played a unique role in the war effort. 

They tackled a three-year backlog of undelivered mail, ensuring American soldiers stationed far from home received their letters. 

Despite facing discrimination and navigating a vast, unfamiliar country amidst global conflict, these 855 women brought hope to the front lines. 

Congratulations to Tyler Perry on his growing partnership with Netflix.

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