Moniece Slaughter returned to the streets of social media with fury claiming Dr. Dre threatened her over her remarks about him dating Apryl Jones.

You may recall, Mo recently confirmed Dre was dating Apryl during an Instagram Live interview with Kendra G.

If you missed it, catch up using the link below.

Now, Moniece is claiming the legendary producer had someone call and threaten her over the phone for her remarks and she is furious!

The phone call may have done more harm that good because Moniece is really ready to fight fire with fire and now she’s spilling even more tea.

Watch the video below.

The biggest lesson in all of this is sometimes it’s best not to speak on other folk’s business.

Lastly, Moniece is no dummy. She went on record and publicly documented the threat.

God forbid anything happens to her there will be a lead….

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