5-year-old Ariel Young, who suffered brain injuries when Britt Reid crashed into her family’s car on February 4, has recently come out of her coma.

But Reid, son of the Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, remains a free man.

Britt Reid is the former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker coach, and he admitted to drinking, drugging, and driving prior to the accident. It has been nearly two weeks since the crash and Reid has not been arrested.

Missouri law states that a DUI is an arrestable offense.

The lame reason that the state of Missouri is giving for not taking Reid into custody is that Reid’s blood-alcohol results won’t be ready for nearly two months because the Missouri State Highway Patrol lab is busy conducting blood tests from across the state.

Unbelievable… this is our America!

So 5-year-old Ariel Young is fighting for her life, and the man responsible has admitted to driving under the influence, but the state of Missouri is too busy to take the life of a child seriously…

According to GoFundMe, Ariel Young had recently turned 5-years-old and she suffered swelling in her brain and bleeding around her brain.

Ariel’s GoFundMe account has raised in excess of $490,000, surpassing its goal of $420,000 to pay for Ariel’s medical bills.

Please continue to pray for Ariel Young, it is a blessing that she has come out of her coma, but prayerfully she will have a full recovery.

There has been no update on Ariel’s overall prognosis.

See the abc news report below: