Monica Explains Why She Left The Stage To Stop A Fight At The Riverfront Music Festival In Detroit

Monica recently appeared on “ABC News” and shared why she left the stage to stop a fight in the crowd Saturday night (July 21) at the Riverfront Music Festival in Detroit.

Saturday night at the Detroit Festival I was mid-song when I could tell things were heating up a bit.

When I looked up a bit from the mic, I just saw a man strike what appeared to be an older woman, and that in itself, it triggered me a bit, but it also was very scary because the last thing that I would want is for someone to be harmed.

So, when I jumped from the stage, it was simply to bring it all to a complete stop and make sure both people were okay, separated, and got home safely.

Going forward, I think my shows remain the same. I think what happens when things transpire is what has to change, and there will be more conversations had with venues because that is actually for vendor security to handle.

Judging by the video the man and the woman who were fighting were separated from each other by members of the crowd before Monica left the stage.

Eyewitness and concertgoer Shante Tyus said once the couple was separated, she had to hold the woman back with her hand because she was still kicking at the man.

Once they separated them, she still was, like, you know, kicking him.

So with my other hand, I was holding her back, like, you know, like, ‘No, this ain’t bout to happen.’

Watch the “GMA” report of Monica speaking out about the incident below:

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