Boosie Tells Why He Removed His 16-Year-Old Daughter Toriana Hatch From His Will

Boosie and his 16-year-old daughter Toriana Hatch recently took to social media to air out more family business, and it was all bad.

Tori and her mother (Rachel Wagner) were triggered by Boosie’s new music video, “Ungrateful,” in which he threw some harsh words at both of them.

In his lyrics, he mentioned taking back his daughter’s AMG 2023 Mercedes Benz he bought her for her 16th birthday, removing her from his will, and he mentioned being blind-sided by her mother putting him on child support.

Boosie didn’t stop there he also said some harsh things about Tori’s mother in the song.

Listen to the verse below of Boosie talking about Tori and her mother:

Reportedly, Tori used to live with Boosie until she decided to leave Atlanta to help her mother recover from a car accident.

Boosie took back the $80k Mercedes Benz he bought for Tori when she left Atlanta.

Tori then went on Instagram and blasted her father:

He been a b***h and gon’ stay a b***h.

Really mad at myself for giving him another chance to be a dad.

He a Ho and gon’ stay a ho that’s why he’ll never be labeled as my “FATHER” cause don’t no HOE RUN IN MY BLOOD F*K WRONG.

Boosie’s Badazz Daughter Toriana Blasts Him For Taking Her Car

Toriana Hatch recently took to her Live and responded to Boosie’s music video, and Boosie responded on his Live, revealing that he took Tori out of his will for being very disrespectful and embarrassing the family by having sex with boys at her brother’s football games.

He also said that Rachel allowed a 19-year-old boy to stay with Tori.

Watch Tori and Boosie’s Live videos below:

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