‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Erica Dixon & Bambi Nearly Come To Blows At Rasheeda’s Restaurant

In Season 11, Episode 9 of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Rasheeda attempted to mend Erica Dixon and Bambi’s relationship for the sake of their kids, but things went from 0 to 100 real quick, and the two women nearly came to blows.

At the soft relaunch of her restaurant, Frost Bistro & Bar, Rasheeda approached Erica Dixon to check her temperature about reconciling with Bambi for the sake of their children. At the time, Erica seemed receptive.

Watch the clip below from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” of Rasheeda talking to Erica about having a conversation with Bambi:

The conversation started out somewhat calm until Bambi mentioned that Erica’s daughter Emani Richardson has always been welcomed at her house. Erica said that’s not true because Emani has never been to Bambi’s new house because Bambi mistreated her in the past. Bambi denied the allegations and told Erica that Emani told her that her mom (Erica) was abusing her, which led to an argument about the cops being called to Bambi’s house over abuse allegations.

During the argument, Erica claimed Bambi was Scrappy’s second choice, and Bambi eluded to Scrappy making her his wife.

Frustrated with the back and forth, Bambi asked Erica if she wanted to square up (fight), and Erica got out of her seat and told her that she’s been waiting to get at her.

Security had to step in to hold the two women back from fighting each other.

Watch the clip below from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” of the Erica Dixon and Bambi argument at Frost Bistro & Bar below:

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