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“Mitten Man” Bernie Sanders and his team were thinking on a higher level while the world was circulating the meme of him parlaying at the Inauguration in his fuzzy mittens.

Bernie’s’ team has flipped the meme into a sweatshirt and they plan to donate the proceeds to charity.

The “Chairman Sanders Crewneck” cost $45 and 100% of the proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels Vermont.

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, NY, and he has been the senator of Vermont since 2007.

The sweatshirts are available at BernieSanders.com, and the orders are coming in fast.

So much so that a note on the site cautions, “Due to overwhelming demand for this item, it may be a few weeks until you receive your sweatshirt.”

Shout out to Brendan Smialowski of Getty Images for capturing the photo of Bernie.

What has been your favorite Mitten Man meme so far?

Source: Rolling Stone