An Atlanta teen is facing felony charges after he stole nearly $1 million from a Kroger grocery store.

Tre Brown, 19, allegedly ran a credit card scam to obtain the funds.

He processed 40 refunds on items that did not exist ranging from $75 to over $87,000. He then deposited the money onto his own credit card.

Brown committed the crime over a two-week period while the store’s compliance officer was away.

Bruh!… How did you think no one would notice nearly $1 million missing over a 14 day period?

Corporate employees at Kroger noticed the fraudulent transactions and notified the authorities.

Brown was arrested on January 14 and charged with one felony count of theft.

Brown worked at the store’s fuel center, and he used the money to buy clothes, guns, and cars.

He totaled the Chevrolet Camaro that he bought with the stolen money.

Reportedly, a large portion of the money was returned.

See the news report from CBS46 Atlanta below:

Tre Brown was released from Gwinnett County Jail on $11,200 bail, the same day he was arrested.

There is speculation that Brown didn’t act alone in the crime.

Do you think he acted alone or do you think he had help?

Source: The Grio