NLE Choppa channeled Tupac Shakur in his new visual “Picture Me Grapin”, and he did an amazing job.

NLE is a young rapper from Memphis, who became a viral sensation with his song, “Shotta Flow,” in 2019.

My teenage nephew mentioned NLE Choppa to me in the past, and when I did some YouTube research, I was presently surprised.

Most of his music is high-energy and fun, but I was most impressed by his mentality. He is health-conscious and he has videos showing people how to plant their own gardens.

NLE Choppa is also spiritually conscious and very intelligent.

The more I think about it…he does remind me of Tupac, and he clearly has respect and an appreciation for Pac.

I respect the millennial rappers who pay homage to their predecessors.

In the video, he pieces together a few different Tupac visuals and his outfits are on point.

Watch the video below:

Are you scooping or scrapping NLE Choppa’s “Picture Me Grapin” video?