Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins Gets Sturdy On Team Plane After Going 7-1

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins celebrated his victory over the Washington Commanders on the team plane with some sturdy shoulder work.

In the video, Kirk is shirtless with a lot of expensive jewelry around his neck, clearly sponsored by his teammates, and he is dancing while his teammates hype him up in the background.

The cause for the celebration is a 7-1 (7 wins – 1 loss) record, the second-best record in the NFL behind the 8-0 Philadelphia Eagles.

Who knew Kirk has a few tablespoons of swag?

Watch the video of Kirk Cousins’ getting sturdy below:

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Kirk Cousins has been with the Minnesota Vikings since 2018, and this is the best start to a season in his career.

Congratulations to the Vikings for their 7-1 record, and good luck to them moving forward.

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