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The woman Dalvin Cook accused of domestic violence and extortion has been identified as U.S. Army veteran Gracelyn Trimble, and she is telling her story in a new lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit:

She met Dalvin on a beach in Florida in 2018, and they started dating shortly after.

In 2020, Gracelyn Trimble says she got pregnant, but she had a miscarriage.

And during that time she found out Dalvin was cheating on her, which led to a “physically violent argument,” and a break-up.

Less than 3 months later, they rekindled their romance and started living together in Florida and Minnesota.

Another violent incident happened in mid-November that started with an argument at the Mall of America, and when they got home Dalvin punched her and threw her to the ground.

A short time after the altercation, she learned that Dalvin was cheating on her again.

She decided to confront him, get her belongings, and end the relationship.

On November 19, 2020, Gracelyn Trimble entered Dalvin’s home through the garage, grabbed some mace, that she often stored in the garage, and went inside to gather her things.

While inside, she asked Dalvin to help her pack, and he got mad “grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open and start gushing blood.”

She tried to mace him, but she was overpowered and the mace got in her eyes.

After a brief trip outside, she went upstairs and tried to take a shower to get the mace out of her eyes.

But, Dalvin confronted her again, picked her up and slammed her on the floor causing her to hit the corner of a bed which created a deep gash on her arm.

Dalvin then pinned her to the ground and told her she was “going to die.” 

He then punched and choked her, grabbed a gun, and pointed it at her head “all while yelling death threats.”

Dalvin eventually put the gun down, but he kept her pinned to the ground.

When he let her up she was able to get in the shower to try to wash the blood off.

But, when she went downstairs after taking a shower Dalvin started beating her with a broomstick.

Despite having been a soldier in active combat where she had missiles and bullets fired at her, Trimble feared for her life like she had never before.

Dalvin continued beating her as she attempted to crawl away to get help, but he would not let her go.

She was held against her will for hours despite her begging Dalvin to call the police or ambulance.

He eventually took her to the airport.

Once back in Florida, she didn’t go to the hospital immediately because she wanted to protect Dalvin.

After realizing the severity of her injuries, she went to the emergency room on November 25.

Still trying to protect Dalvin, she told the doctors she was in an ATV accident.

She was diagnosed with a concussion and “several deep cuts and bruising.”

Dalvin continuously apologized after the incident, but they didn’t see each other until Dalvin had a death in the family about a month later.

They got back together, but the relationship eventually broke down again.

Dalvin’s attorney stated on Tuesday (November 9) that he’s the victim, and shortly after they started dating, Gracelyn “became emotionally abusive, physically aggressive and confrontational, and repeatedly attempted to provoke” him.

Dalvin accused Gracelyn of damaging his car, assaulting him, and attempting to “stop him from seeing other women” throughout their relationship.

According to Dalvin’s agent Zac Miller, on November 19, 2020 Jacelyn “showed up at Dalvin’s house, illegally entered, punched him in the face, maced him, armed herself with a gun, and held him and his 2 house guests hostage.”

He claims they have video to prove she was the aggressor.

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