Draymond Green Sucker Punches Teammate Jordan Poole

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green dropped his teammate Jordan Poole at practice on Thursday (October 6) with an unexpected right jab.

Watch the video below:

Jordan Poole is a rising star on the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors team, and after this season, he is due for a new contract.

Poole had an amazing year last year, backing up Steph Curry, and he was a valued team asset during their championship run in the playoffs, so much so that he was nicknamed the “Poole party.”

Happier times:

Draymond Green’s stats were down last year, and he was benched in the NBA Finals for his lack of production on the court.

Reportedly Draymond and Poole trash talk each other all the time at practice, and there is no telling what Poole said to set Draymond off, but he didn’t have to do Poole like that.

There was a narrative in the air that Poole’s personality has changed since he’s become a star player on the team, but veteran teammates Andre Iguodala and Steph Curry quickly put that narrative to rest.

Watch Steph Curry speak on Poole’s personality below:

The Warriors GM Bob Myers released the following statement following the incident:

These things happen. Nobody likes it. We don’t condone it, but it happens.

Draymond apologized to the team.

Jordan was there in the room … as far as any suspension, punishment, fine, we will handle that internally.

The Warriors organization said that Draymond Green will most likely not miss any games following the fight, but now that the world has witnessed Draymond make Poole weak in the knees, the organization may reevaluate its initial stance.

Twitter has created its narratives as to why Draymond punched Poole, and a lot of them are hilarious.

Scoop some Twitter reaction below:


Reportedly, Poole was seen after the incident still putting up shots at the practice facility, and Draymond was asked to leave.

Coach Steve Kerr released the following statement following the incident:

As a coach, anytime there’s something that happens, we try to handle things internally.

Green didn’t practice today, won’t be here tomorrow. I expect him to return on Saturday and get back at it.

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Sources: TMZ & CBS Sports

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