Mike Tyson Punches Overzealous Fan On JetBlue Flight

Mike Tyson recently hit an overzealous fan with a flurry of punches on a JetBlue flight on Wednesday night (April 20) for continuously talking in his ear.

According to sources close to the boxing legend, the man was intoxicated and wouldn’t stop provoking Mike.

The incident occurred around 10:30 PM PT, on a JetBlue flight from San Francisco headed to Florida.

According to a witness, Mike took a selfie with him, and he was patient with his friend who sat behind Mike and kept trying to talk to him.

Mike became annoyed with the friend talking in his ear after a while and told him to chill.

But the friend continued talking in his ear causing Mike to turn around and repeatedly punch the guy in the face, according to witnesses.

The witnesses’ accounts match the video footage, but you don’t really see Mike connecting on his punches.

But, you do see blood on the head of the victim.

In one of the videos, the person recording does some commentator and he gets the victim to show his wounds to the camera.

According to the guy commentating on the video, the victim was trying to give Mike some shrooms, and he tried to ask Mike for an autograph.

Watch the videos below:

Why would anyone agitate Mike Tyson especially after he told you to chill?

I’m sure a lawsuit is coming.

Source: TMZ

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