Oprah + Viola: A Netflix Special Event - Oprah Winfrey - Viola Davis
Huy Doan/Netflix
Oprah + Viola A Netflix Special Event Key Art

Netflix has released first look clips from “Oprah + Viola: A Netflix Special.” 

Oprah Winfrey and Oscar-winning actor Viola Davis discuss her astonishing new memoir, “Finding Me.” 

For the first time, Viola shares memories of her childhood marked with unimaginable poverty, disturbing abuse, and “all the things that cause you pain.” 

Viola reveals how “giving up hope that the past could be different” has brought her peace, forgiveness, and a sense of self. 

Viola also explains how she manifested the loves in her life and what it took to become one of the most celebrated and talented actresses of our time.

Oprah + Viola: A Netflix Special Event” is slated to premiere on Friday, April 22. 

Watch a few first look clips below. 




Viola Davis is such an incredible woman and actress. 

Be sure to scoop her new book, “Finding Me,” when it is released on April 26. 

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