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Welp. It looks like Mike Epps won’t be portraying legendary comedian and actor Richard Pryor in a biopic anytime soon. 

Initially, in 2021, Mike said Richard’s wife sought him out for the role.

Mike Epps sat with Richard, who was living with multiple sclerosis, for a year. 

He jokingly shared how it took six months for him to make Richard laugh. 

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Mike Epps via Instagram

But, during his recent appearance on the “All The Smoke” podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Mike Epps shared his version of why the project got derailed.

I was going to play Richard Pryor.

Man, and this his wife…I didn’t screw his wife – his ex-wife and she got mad.

‘You’re not going to play Richard! You didn’t spank this a—!’

I said, ‘Nope. I ain’t playing Richard Pryor then.

Mike joked, “She’s going to sue me for this. ‘You’re going to People’s Court, n—!’

Shifting to a more serious demeanor, Mike Epps talked about how he went to Richard’s funeral and none of his friends took to the stage to speak about him and pay their respects. 

Paul Mooney…none of those people went up there to talk about him, bro.

Mo’Nique went up there on the stage – she didn’t know him!

And George Lopez went on the stage…and he didn’t know him.

He wasn’t even in the casket. The casket was shut.

We all in there crying. She done burnt him up somewhere!

Mike Epps shared that he got on stage, but he was coming down from a cocaine binge. 

I get on the stage, right? I’m on the stage – I’m coming down cause I’ve been on coke for two or three nights.

They think I’m crying for Richard, but I’m crying cause I’ve been high all night.

He added, “The lady told me that night – ‘You’re not ready to play Richard.’ I said, ‘F— you, b—!’” 

Stephen Jackson could barely contain his laughter. Matt Barnes was too through!

Watch the clip below. 

Would you like to see Mike Epps portray Richard Pryor in a biopic?

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