The middle school science teacher who sparked controversy after having his students take out his braids now admits it was “highly unprofessional.”

In the latest video posted on his socials, the teacher, who is rumored to have been fired, said: 

This video, I agree, was unprofessional. I am not negating that.

Me getting my hair unbraided at the school, at my place of employment…yes, that was highly unprofessional.

I get that. I’m not arguing with that.

But, I am what you call an unprofessional – in some ways – unprofessional, eclectic, unconventional teacher.

But, is he also unemployed

Watch the clip below.

Okay, Frens…I think we can all [virtually] touch and agree that Mr. Unbraid My Hair’s 15 minutes is up. 

We are officially wrapping up this clout chase and putting a hair clip on it.

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