Joe Budden Podcast (YouTube)

Joe Budden took to social media to explain why the commentary about the video of Diddy assaulting Cassie was edited out of the podcast episode released on Saturday (May 18).

The rapper-turned-podcaster explained that the news of the video broke while they were recording the episode, and they offered their immediate reactions to it.

However, after the episode concluded, Emani pulled him aside and advised him to remove it and discuss it more thoughtfully in their next episode.

Joe Budden took heed of the advice.

He also made it very clear that he has “zero ties with Diddy” and does not condone his actions one bit.

F— that n—,” Joe said.

Listen as Joe Budden explains his decision to edit his episode below.

Joe Budden’s name was also mentioned when Raqi Thunda blasted Van Lathan for giving up Cyn Santana‘s location when she was hiding from Joe.

In a lengthy Twitter post, Van explained:

I was never told Cyn was “hiding” from Joe.

I was never told there were allegations of abuse in their relationship.

Chile…everyone’s tea is on the counter in 2024.

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