Teacher who had students take out his braids breaks down in tears online (TikTok)

The middle school science teacher who sparked online debates after posting a video of his students taking out his braids broke down in tears on social media.

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Mr. White, who creates content online under the handle “Thilluminator,” has suffered disciplinary action as a result of his actions (unconfirmed reports state he was fired). 

He recently posted a video of himself reading messages from his heartbroken students over having him taken out of their classroom.

Mr. White cried several times while reading his students’ heartfelt messages.

Watch the clip below.

@thilluminatin1 #teacher ♬ Sad and sad guitar(1102575) – syummacha

Do you believe he should have faced disciplinary action for having his students take down his braids?

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  1. A female teacher did the same thing and was not disciplined and nor should she hsve been. Was he disciplined because he is a male. No, I do not feel he should nhave been disciplined or fired. We need more teacher’s like him. Oftentimes, we push off our own infirmities or trauma off on other’s. I am who I am today because of a high school teacher just like him. Young man keep your head up. What other’s have tried to use as a weapon to destroy you, God will use to advance you. Be encouraged. Sending love and hugs to you and your students. God is preparing your place. Don’t let this change you. Continue to teach and love with all your heart. You make a difference.

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