Michael Eric Dyson had a conversation with “TMZ Live” about the shocking Merak Burr video. Dyson referred to the video as an “illustration of white privilege.”

In the video, Merak Burr is stopped by police officers in Ohio and told to get out of his car. Burr doesn’t listen to the officers and he repeatedly tells them that they are violating his rights. At one point in the video, an officer grabs Burr’s arm through his driver’s side window and Burr yells at the officer consistently telling him to remove his hands.

The officer notices that Burr has a gun in the passenger seat, Burr threatens to shoot the officers and grabs the gun. The officers yell at Burr to put the weapon down and get out of the car. He releases the weapon, but he does not get out of the vehicle. Burr yells that the weapon is registered, legal, and unconcealed. The officers plead with Burr asking him to “please get out of the car.” Another officer said, “we can work this out.”

Burr remains non-compliant, and he snatches his arm away from the officer that was holding it. The officers open his door as if they are going to snatch him out of the vehicle, but they don’t. Burr closes the door back and drives away without a scratch… UNBELIEVABLE!

Watch the video below:


Michael Eric Dyson stated, “You and I both know that had that been a motorist of color that motorist would have been dead.”

Dyson is absolutely right!

Dyson also referenced a point in his new book, “Long Time Coming: Reckoning with Race in America”… which is white privilege has little to do with wealth, and everything to do with skin color.

He said he’s glad Burr’s confrontation didn’t end violently but he wishes non-white people also got the same treatment.

Watch the video below of Dyson recapping the incident on TMZ:

Merak Burr was non-compliant, threatening, and he had a gun, but he was let go without a scratch… this is America!

Source: TMZ

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