Dr. Michael Eric Dyson recently used the “TMZ Live” platform to break down critical race theory.

According to Dr. Dyson:

Critical race theory comes from the word critical theory.

Critical and critical theory means that we are looking at ways that people can be emancipated from the systems, structures, and obstacles that enslave them.

So we are trying to free people. That’s what the word critical means. 

So when you apply that to critical race theory, this is a theory that comes up when trying to liberate people from the conditions that enslave them.

To emancipate them and the rest of us.

Dr. Dyson said there is a misconception that critical race theory is being taught in local schools, but it is not.

He said what is being taught is a different way to understand race and Black history in this country.

Watch the video below:

Critical race theory has become a hot topic in the political arena, and it has even been accused of swinging elections.

Reportedly, criminal race theory played a role in swinging the Virginia gubernatorial race a week ago.

The irony is many people who claim to hate the idea of critical race theory struggle to define what critical race theory actually is.

Many of the critical race theory haters believe it targets White kids as oppressors and portrays Black kids as victims, but that is not true.

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson dives deeper into critical race theory and other topics in his new book “Entertaining Race: Performing Blackness in America.”

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Source: TMZ