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Claressa Shields has never lacked confidence and she spoke with TMZ about how Jake Paul is making a mockery of the sport and how she would whoop him in the ring.

I, Claressa Shields, will whoop Jake Paul’s ass! He can come in the ring weighing 180 pounds and I will come weighing 168 and I will beat the s**t out of him!

Claressa feels that Jake Paul was not worthy of the huge platform that he had being on the undercard of the Tyson – Jones Jr. fight, when there are real boxers more deserving of that stage.

I totally agree with Claressa!

She said it’s smart for Jake Paul to keep calling out non-boxers because he would get exposed against a real boxer like her.

Jake Paul is making his money, he’s doing his thing, but stay away from us real fighters.

Claressa is eager to expose Jake Paul, but she feels that even though she is a undefeated professional boxer with multiple titles and 2 Olympic appearances they would still side with Jake Paul because he is a man.

I’ve been boxing for 14 years, 2 Olympics but they would still give Jake Paul the nod because he’s a man. And it’s like, you guys don’t know nothing!

I like that confident energy that Claressa exudes, and if the fight does happen I would put my money on Claressa.

Honestly, I don’t think professional boxing will support a male vs. female fight, but Claressa says she spars against dudes all the time so it’s not a big deal.

Watch Claressa talk about Jake Paul in the video below:

Do you think Claressa Shields would beat Jake Paul in a boxing match?

Source: TMZ

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