Mia X blasts Airbnb over discrimination of New Orleans locals

Mia X is calling attention to a shady policy aimed at local residents of New Orleans after she was denied a stay at an Airbnb.

The legendary rapper recently returned home from a tour to find her roof badly damaged from rain.

She hopped on Airbnb to book a short-term rental until the repairs were done, but to her surprise, Sextant Stays has a policy where they do not rent to New Orleans locals.

Before realizing the Mia they were denying was Mia X, she was asked to provide documentation proving that she was having repairs done on her home to qualify for the rental.

Keep in mind all of this is happening after she paid for the rental.

Mia took to Twitter to call out the BS publicly.

She also shared a news report on the incident along with the caption:

You can’t profit off of the culture while shunning the citizens.

The policy is not in the @airbnb app I told them I was having the roof repaired they asked for documentation to prove it.

Then when they found out it was “MiaX” they wanted to make it right. But I was a local before the fame.

See Mia’s original post below.

While I understand there are people who abuse Airbnbs you can’t discriminate against all local residents while profiting in their community.

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