New Orleans Mom Defends Her Daughter Pulling A Gun On A School Bus

A New Orleans mother justified her daughter’s actions of pulling a gun on a school bus because she said her daughter was getting bullied.

The 12-year-old Akili Academy student is seen in the now-viral video brandishing a firearm outside of a school bus.

She then uses the firearm to bang on the door of the school bus. The students on the bus are terrified.

When the bus driver refuses to open the door, the girl appears to become frustrated and walks off with the gun in her hand.

Watch the clip below.

A second video, which appears to have been taken by someone on the bus, shows students gang up on the girl, punching her and, in one instance, attacking her with a pencil. 

The girl’s mother took to social media and defended her daughter’s actions saying it was a result of her being bullied.

At the end of the day I’m a woman of God, but I do not respect how my child is being held accountable for something that she was being bullied about.

She was being bullied! 

So that’s why she pulled out a firearm.

It was in her possession, though it was not supposed to be in her possession.

It was in her possession, and she pulled it.

I don’t care how y’all take it. How ignorant y’all say I’m being or whatever, but when a child is under frustration and being bullied she supposed to help… have help with self-defense or whatever.

Y’all too ignorant in New Orleans, I said dat!

Akili Academy is very messy!

Y’all children is messy. You need to put your children in their place because they play with people too much.

Nobody don’t have time for to be playing with no f***ing children all day!

Children play with people too much. Y’all need to conduct y’all selves in the right manner.

Watch the clip of the mother below.

The student was suspended from school, and according to a statement released from the school, police action was taken.

Watch the news report about the crescent city school gun below:

On Tuesday evening, New Orleans police said that the girl was arrested and booked with aggravated assault with a firearm.

The mother was arrested and booked with principal to aggravated assault and for contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.

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