Metro Boomin (Via Instagram)

Metro Boomin unleashed on Drake in the streets of Twitter and dropped a beat for others to join the reindeer games.

The renowned producer woke up early on Sunday morning in Amsterdam and chose absolute violence with a series of tweets calling out Drake for a number of his so-called transgressions. 

It appears Metro didn’t take took kindly to Drake’s verse in “Family Matters” when he rapped:

I mean it’s true a n— slimed me for my AP
Just like how Metro n— slimed him for his main squeeze

Metro Boomin took to Twitter writing: 

the drum thing was laughable so I let it slide but what we not gon do is spread lies and have my loved ones involved 

nobody ever hit my girl n— we grew up together 😂😂😭😭

she’s a real woman and not even in the industry but I guess #youwouldntknownunboutdatttt

He added: 

now go make another song telling more lies cause we both know you can’t tell everyone why I don’t f— wit u 

that wouldn’t be a good look either for u so imma spare us both wit that

Metro also launched a BBL Drizzy Beat Giveaway where he offered a free beat to the person who delivers the best diss over the track.

So, now the floodgates have officially opened with rap fans all over the world dropping their own Drake disses.

Last, but certainly not least, Metro Boomin shared a screenshot of an email that attempted to halt radio airplay of “Like That,” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Get into more of Metro Boomin’s tweets below.

“BBL Drizzy” and “Metro” are currently trending as people take to their timelines to react to the latest installment in rap beef.

I don’t know about y’all, but with all this rap beef – I’ve had enough red meat to last me the rest of 2024.

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