Bratz excitedly announced its mini collection with Kylie Jenner and the dolls are raising eyebrows.

This is the brand’s first-ever celebrity collaboration.

The mini dolls are available online, in Walmart, Target, and Amazon, and are sold in capsules with 2 figures – 1 bratzified mini Kylie figure and 1 mini accessory.

According to Bratz, there are 14 different Kylie Jenner collectibles to unbox.

See the original post and get a gander at the dolls below.

This is the brand’s first-ever celebrity collaboration and according to Kylie it’s a dream come true. 

I have been a fan of Bratz since childhood, and I’ve always wanted my own Bratz doll.

I have loved every step of the process this past year in creating these dolls alongside the Bratz team.

I’m so excited they are here.

Kylie and her new Mini Bratz collection are trending on social media because the hue isn’t sitting well with the crew!

The skin tone of the mini Bratz dolls is darker than expected for a doll created in the likeness of the youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan.

Bratz Art Director Chelsea Green gushed about how Kylie and their brand were meticulous when it came to the details of the dolls.

We’ve been hard at work with Kylie and her team to ensure the dolls are as authentic and meticulously designed as possible.

With both Bratz and Kylie at the helm, we knew the collections had to exude authenticity.

Exude authenticity they say? 

Read Twitter reactions to Kylie Jenner’s mini Bratz dolls.

Kylie Jenner nor Bratz have publicly addressed the backlash about the skin tone of the dolls.

Bratz fumbled this collection.

They would have been better off doing a collection with Stormi.

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