Bow Wow Gets Choked Up On Stage Sharing His Last Words With Takeoff

Bow Wow took a moment on stage during his Millennium Tour show in Atlanta to share with the crowd the last words Takeoff said to him.

When I moved from Ohio, I came to Atlanta.

The Northside is where I reside at.

I damn near lived my whole life living in the A.

Gwinnett County for me!

The reason why I’m really crying… I know y’all n***** ain’t really never see me do this sh*t unless I’m in a movie or something.

But, the last time I saw Take was about six weeks ago in this building, in the same dressing room that I’m in right now.

We had a good time we went to Magic City, we f***ed it up, I ain’t gon front, we f***ed it up!

But, before that when we was in that same room, that’s my dressing room tonight, that n**** said these words to me, he said… 

‘A yo Qua!… Come here, man!

Tell this n**** Bow Wow, man, how he had the whole Northside f***ed up, man!

Like, we grew our hair and sh*t cause this n****, man.

Bow Wow was the first to do this sh*t, man.

We grew out sh*t… We started rapping because of you, n****!’

These were the words this n**** said to me in front of my face in this same building.

So, while he was giving me my flowers… I feel like since we home in Atlanta it’s only right…

While you looking down at us… Five weeks ago, we was in this same building for Kevin Hart’s show.

If you think I wasn’t gonna come back in this b***h and turn up for you my n****!

You out your motherf***ing mind!…

Watch the video footage below.

Takeoff’s memorial service is scheduled to be held at State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks, on Friday (November 11). Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys are confirmed performers.

RIP Takeoff.

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