Cardi B, Offset, and their princess, Kulture, will guest star on Nickelodeon’s hit preschool series, “Baby Shark’s Big Show!

Cardi B as Sharki B on Baby Shark's Big Show
Sharki B/ Nickelodeon

According to Deadline, Cardi will voice the character of Sharki B, the biggest star in the seven seas — flashy, awe-inspiring, and ruthlessly fun — but always 100% herself and fin-spires other fishies to do the same.

Offset as Offshark on Baby Shark's Big Show

Offset will play Offshark, a cool fish with a great vibe who is a huge Sharki fan.

Kulture as Kulture Shark on Baby Shark's Big Show

Kulture will bring to life Kulture Shark, Offshark’s three-year-old daughter who is excited to attend Sharki B’s big concert with her dad.  

The special episode, titled “The Seaweed Sway,” is slated to air on April 15 at noon ET/PT.

The episode follows Baby Shark (voiced by Kimiko Glenn) and William (Luke Youngblood) as they meet the ferociously fun rap icon Sharki B, who is swimming into Carnivore Cove to perform her splash hit dance craze, The Seaweed Sway.

Sharki asks Baby Shark and William to show her around town before her big concert and perform The Seaweed Sway with her on stage that night. 

As hard as William tries, he keeps messing up the final move of the dance. 

Luckily, thanks to the help of his friends and his musical icon Sharki, William learns that the true secret to great dancing is doing it his own unique way.

Watch the teaser below. 

Cardi B took to social media to excitedly announce her family’s guest appearance on the show and she shared some BTS footage of her and Offset recording vocals with Kulture. 

See her post below. (swipe for more).

This is super cute!

Source: Deadline & Billboard