Master P is clearly sick and tired of C-Murder and his alleged reindeer games.

The No Limit head honcho took to Instagram on Friday and posted a seven-minute video where he got quite a few things off of his chest- including blasting his baby brother and calling out his “ride or die,” Monica.

There has been a lot of media attention surrounding Monica Brown and Kim Kardashian joining forces in an effort to free the rapper who is serving a life sentence for a murder he says he did not commit.

Master P appears to be feeling some type of way about that. But, I think it was a recent post on C-Murder’s IG account where he basically stated no one has tried to help him during his 19 years behind bars that may have been the last straw.

7 months ago I called @monicadenise & she conferenced in @kimkardashian ! I did not know Moses had been working to reach Kim. After our call for the first time in 19 years, I slept!! You can rest behind these walls but never do you actually sleep! My case had been stagnant for years! So I published multiple books to help feed my kids & pay lawyers bare minimum! I am a man so it was no one’s responsibility to save me & no one attempted to! But when you trust God he will send his angels! This message is To any man or woman fighting the injustices of the system , DONT EVER GIVE UP!!! And do as I am. Focus on the Blessings, Not the Betrayals! #TruStory #FREECoreyMiller

See the original post below.

In the seven-minute video, Master P did not mince words. I’ve highlighted a few talking points below:

  • He was disappointed because he didn’t even know C-Murder had a social media account. P went on to say that many of the things posted on the page doesn’t even look like his brother wrote it. 
  • Percy spoke about books C-Murder said that he wrote to provide for his kids and pay his attorneys.
  • Master P also addressed Corey’s “ride or die,” Monica Brown…who he just started talking to again seven months ago. He also noted Monica just got divorced last year.
  • Then, things got real ugly when Percy started talking about how C-Murder didn’t do the right thing the first time he came home from jail and ended up going back. Yikes!
  • P also stated he’s not coming to the jailhouse no more because he’s ungrateful. He also added he’s pulling the plug on being an ATM.
  • He pointed out how C-Murder’s homeboys – the same ones he got caught up with – have abandoned him. 

Whew chile… watch below:

Monica Brown slid right into the comments of the video with a few things of her own to get off of her chest!

@masterp I have been respectful towards you and you have refused to do the same! You can NOT speak on me because you do not know me! I have only conversed with Silkk! This matter is between you MEN, you’re brothers! Leave me out of this because my efforts have BEEN the same! I just didn’t see the need to post it! Check the visiting lists from The Parish to Angola to Hunts or better yet ask his children! You responded before you READ! I connected him to Kim 7 months ago he’s never not be able to hit me, my mother or brother and get what he needs! FOCUS ON HIS FREEDOM!

See her original post below:

Lawd have mercy.

All of this could have been discussed on a collect call.

Your thoughts?


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