Marshawn Lynch Dragged Out Of Vehicle In Las Vegas Arrest Video

Marshawn Lynch, a former NFL superstar, was dragged out of his vehicle, thrown on the ground, and arrested for “suspicion of DUI” in Las Vegas on August 9.

Now that the arrest video has been released, we can visually confirm or deny some of the strange stories about the arrest that have come out in the media.

One of those stories was that Marshawn said he stole the car, and the video shows that he never said he stole the car.

Prior to his arrest, he was questioned by a female officer who jokingly asked him if the car was stolen, and he smiled and shook his head.

During the questioning, Marshawn was clearly not in his right state of mind because he was doing a lot of nonverbal communication (head nods – yes, head shakes – no), and his verbal communication was very slow, and everything was funny.

Watch the video of the female officer questioning Marshawn below:

It was reported that Marshawn was pulled over for a DUI, but the video confirmed that he was not pulled over. 

The vehicle was parked when he was first approached by officers, and he was arrested for “suspicion of a DUI” after an officer dragged Marshawn out of the vehicle, threw him on the ground, and said he smelled like alcohol.

Watch the video below of Marshawn being dragged out of the vehicle by a police officer:

Marshawn’s attorneys, Richard A. Schonfeld and David Z. Chesnoff released the following statement Thursday (August 11):

Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI. Rather the vehicle was safely parked and not in operation.

We are confident that when all evidence is presented, this will not be a DUI under Nevada law. Marshawn appreciates and is thankful for everyone’s concern and support.

According to the police, Marshawn had to be placed in a “restraint chair” at the police station in order for them to draw his blood.

Reportedly, he was booked on several charges, including DUI, and he is due in court in December.

Thankfully, Marshawn Lynch did not resist arrest, and he is still alive.

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Source: TMZ

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