Mack Wilds opened up about the lowest point in his life on a recent episode of “OWN Spotlight: They Call Me Dad,” and how his baby girl and therapy got him through it.

Mack said earlier this year, he was in a really dark place and he was letting life take him where it may.

The stresses of the entertainment business and life in general had taken a hard toll on him.

He said he was watching a Dave Chappelle special and Dave was talking about how Anthony Bourdain travels the world and does a lot of cool things, but he took his own life.

Mack said he started to think people might be better off without him being here, and he prayed to God to send him a light if he was supposed to be.

His adorable firstborn daughter, Tristyn, was that light. He said she motivated him to come out of that dark place.

He also credits therapy for helping him to learn how to properly assess his feelings.

Watch the video below:

Thankfully, Mack was able to lean on his faith and therapy to come out of that dark place.

We wish Mack Wilds and his beautiful family many blessings in the future.

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