Kid Preacher, Luke Tillman, Who Went Viral For Baptizing His Toys Appears On ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show’

5-year-old Luke Tillman recently went viral for baptizing his Paw Patrol stuffed animal Chase, and the video landed him and his family an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.”

Watch Luke’s viral video below:

Luke is a very handsome young man, with an infectious personality, who aspires to be just like his dad, who is a preacher.

During the interview, Luke said he had been asking his dad to baptize him since he was two years old, but his dad waited until he was four.

Luke said he wants to be a pastor and a Christian when he grows up, and his father feels it’s a blessing that Luke wants to follow in his footsteps.

It’s a blessing… It’s a blessing.

I’m thinking now, you know, the pressure is always on PKs, and that whole development, for him to decide to want to do it, and authentically want to do it, it’s a blessing.

I think this uh, this year is 20 years of me preaching, and he preached to 20 million people in one week.

I haven’t reached that in 20 years, I’m very happy about that.

When Jennifer Hudson asked Luke to tell her a scripture, he recited John 3:16 with no hesitation.

He even threw in the inflections in his voice like a preacher who has been preaching for years, and the audience loved it.

Luke also sang “Take Me To The Water,” and directed the audience to join in on the chorus. Jennifer Hudson joined in as well.

Jennifer encouraged Luke to keep doing what he’s doing and walking in God’s will, and she blessed him with some more Paw Patrol toys to baptize.

Watch the Luke Tillman interview from “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

Luke definitely has an anointing on his life, and his parents are clearly doing an amazing job.

We wish Luke and his family all the best in the future.

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