Toni Braxton Says Lil Kim Told Her ‘Girl, Can’t Nobody Understand What You Say’

Toni Braxton - Lil Kim

Toni Braxton recently appeared on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” and shared a story about Lil Kim wanting her to sing at her wedding when she gets married.

Toni was baffled by the request and explained to Jennifer that she feels that her songs are sad love songs.

Even when Toni tried to explain that to Lil Kim it didn’t deter her from wanting Toni to sing at her wedding.

The Grammy Award-winning R&B singer shared:

Love me some Kimmie!… 

And she came up to me one day and said, ‘I love you and when I get married I want you to sing at my wedding.’

And I said, Kimmie you don’t want me to sing I don’t have any happy love songs.

She said, ‘Girl I want you to sing ‘You Mean The World To Me, You Are My Everything.’

I said but the first verse is…  ‘If you would give me one reason why I should believe you, believe all these lies that you telling.’

I’m like, Kimmie that’s not a good song.

‘Girl, can’t nobody understand what you say just sing the song.’

Watch the video clip of the Toni Braxton interview on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” below:

Watch Toni Braxton’s “You Mean The World To Me” video below:

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