(Update: January 11, 2024) Starz has released the official trailer for “Hightown” Season 3, the final season of the hit drama series.

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Monica Raymund as ‘Jackie Quiñones (Courtesy of Starz)

(December 12, 2023) Starz has announced Season 3 of its hit drama series, “Hightown,” will be its last. 

The Rebecca Cutter series is set in the beautiful but bleak world of Cape Cod and follows Jackie Quiñonez’s journey to sobriety, which is overshadowed by a murder investigation. 

In Season 2, the picture-perfect version of Cape Cod clashes with its off-season reality of drug addiction and despair.  

Jackie Quinones, achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a state cop, is out to do some good in this world.  

Riley Voelkel as ‘Renee Segna’ and James Badge Dale as ‘Ray’ (Starz)

Thrust immediately into the crime wave of deadly carfentanyl flooding the Cape, Jackie is laser-focused on bringing down major dealer Frankie Cuevas, the man Jackie holds responsible for the death of her best friend, Junior.  

For Jackie, it is personal but then again, for Jackie, everything is personal. 

When Frankie’s psychotic cousin Jorge joins his operation, he introduces a new level of violence and chaos.  

With disgraced cop Ray Abruzzo off the force and mired in depression, Jackie finds a new partner in Leslie, the only other female cop on the force.  

Amaury Nolasco as ‘Frankie Cuevas Sr.’ and Cecil Blutcher as ‘Vernon’ (Starz)

Through it all Jackie must walk the tightrope of sobriety struggling to stay above an ocean of secrets, betrayal, and the shame and failure of her past.

Hightown” Season 3 follows Massachusetts State Trooper Jackie Quiñones (Monica Raymund) who has fallen off the wagon and her job due to it. 

Jackie doesn’t let any of that stop her from trying to help save many of the most often ignored and forgotten victims in Cape Cod, sex workers.

In addition to Monica Raymund, Amaury Nolasco, and James Badge Dale, the returning cast includes Riley Voelkel, Atkins Estimond, and Dohn Norwood. 

Atkins Estimond as ‘Osito’ (Starz)

Imani Lewis, Mark Boone Junior, and Mike Pniewski return in recurring roles.

Ana Nogueira, Taja V. Simpson, Michael Drayer, Garret Dillahunt and Jeanine Serralles all guest star.

Hightown” is a dope series and you may recall that 50 Cent blasted Starz for renewing the series before giving a Season 2 renewal to “Power Book IV: Force.” 

The 3rd and final season will premiere on January 26, 2024. 

I’ll be on time for that. How about you?

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