Love & Marriage Huntsville: Melody Says Martell Asked Her To Pay His Attorney Fees

Melody Shari revealed in Season 6, Episode 13 of “Love & Marriage Huntsville” that Martell Holt asked her to pay his attorney fees.

In the episode, Melody went to visit the Fletchers to apologize to them for Martell surprising them with a subpoena to court involving his divorce.

During their conversation, Mr. Fletcher informed Melody that Martell is living in a house that is under contract to be sold, which was a surprise to Melody because her lawyer brought up in court how many times Martell has moved since they have separated.

After finding out that Martell is on the move again, Melody dropped the bomb that he asked her to pay for his attorney fees.

So he finna have to move again?…

Ooh chile, can you imagine the stress?…

Ooh chile, that’s probably why he asked me to pay for his attorney fees.

He need that money. He gotta find a new place to live.

During the episode, Martell told his mom that he was disappointed to the core because she didn’t say much on his behalf when she was on the witness stand, and she quickly let him know that she was not used to being in a courtroom, and she answered the questions she was asked to the best of her ability.

Martell also expressed that he wasn’t happy with Mr. Fletcher’s responses on the witness stand.

Watch the clip from “Love & Marriage Huntsville” S6, E13 below:

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