Love & Marriage: Huntsville” Episode 14 served a wine glass full of tipsy tomfoolery for your viewing pleasure.

The episode picked up with the fellas in Atlanta at a mansion for the launch of Martell Holt‘s new wine, Inest.

Martell Holt - Inest

Unfortunately, Martell, who was dressed like King Joffrey of Huntsville, appeared to have consumed too much of his own product.

Martell failed to properly acknowledge his grandmother, Inest, who inspired the name of his wine, and his uncle Sam Holt was not happy about it.

When Sam attempted to have a man-to-man convo with Martell about it, the reality TV star tried to discretely advise his uncle against doing that on national TV.

Meanwhile…back in Huntsville, Melody Holt seemingly attempted to plant messy seeds in Kimmi‘s relationship by telling her Maurice may be cheating on his guy’s trip to Atlanta with Martell.

But, it was LaTisha‘s visit to her therapist that had viewers (and her therapist) completely blown.

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