‘Love & Marriage Huntsville’: Martell Holt Claims Melody Treats Him One Way In Public & Another Way In Private

In Season 6, Episode 22, of “Love & Marriage Huntsville,” Martell Holt told Chris Fletcher and Courtney Beasley that Melody Shari Holt treats him differently privately than she does publicly.

According to Martell, when he and Melody are not around people they know, she treats him like they are best friends, but around people they know, she ignores him.

Martell had this conversation with the fellas at the gym, and Chris Fletcher, who’s friends with both Melody and Martell tried to express to Martell that most times his actions past or present are the cause of Melody treating him a certain way.

Martell, who claims he has taken responsibility for his actions post-divorce in his and Melody’s relationship, was not trying to hear anything Chris had to say.

Courtney Beasley, Stormi’s husband, was trying to get an understanding of the situation while Chris asked Martell why he hadn’t asked Mel why she treats him certain ways in certain settings.

Martell gave a weird answer, proving Chris’ point that he has issues taking accountability for his actions.

Watch the “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” clip below.

Now, Martell Holt is the same man who said Melody Holt isn’t a “friend” to anyone.

So, what would make him think she was really his bestie?!

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